Our sister company Friction Feeder UK specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of friction feeders. Our feeders are bespoke and we can easily adapt them at the design stage to meet your exact requirements.

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With our paper straw machine. Plastic straws end up in landfill or in the oceans – they are currently the 8th most found ocean trash in clean ups – and never fully degrade. Switching to paper straws is the future.

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The CE100 is the ideal machine to make cardboard fast food containers, which are biodegradable unlike their polystyrene counterparts. A growing market and environmentally friendly option.

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Reasons to make the switch:

The UK intends to ban all avoidable waste by 2042
Polywrap will be slowly phased out across Europe
Since 1967 global plastic production has risen from 2million to 380million tonnes per year
Since then only 9% has been recycled and 12% incinerated
It is estimated 10million tonnes of plastic waste flows into the oceans each year
By 2050 there could be more weight of plastic in the ocean than fish

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