Want to improve efficiency and accuracy?

We also offer technical consultancy and sourcing services. We have decades of industry experience refining and running production machines, and can help you solve process and material problems.  

Assessments are followed up with a detailed technical report complete with sourcing recommendations for an affordable fee. Get in touch to learn how we can improve the efficiency, wastage and profitability of your business, and to schedule an on-site assessment.

We source raw materials and parts from UK and overseas

We have spent years sourcing parts for bespoke machines, building a list of contacts and suppliers that we can now share with you. We can source:

– Motors/Drivers
– Bearings/Bushes
– Actuators/Sensors
– Rollers
– Belts and Pulleys
– Water Cut parts
– Anodising

We have an extensive supplier list of new and used machinery in the UK and around the world: 

– Handling
– Converting
– Folding
– Wrapping 
– Printing

Other services

Machine Design: we can design you a complete machine – either as a concept or as a complete set of drawings/parts list

Machine Build: we can build you a machine ON-SITE with you own engineers/production personnel learning and inputting as we go

Key Personnel

Ian Boulton is the founding director of Finishing Solutions Ltd, and Friction Feeder UK Ltd. Here is a quick overview of Ian's career:

Z-Card: designed the first Z-card machine and ran the production facility in Runcorn for 6 years. Installed machines for the franchisees all over the world

MPI: designed and built machines for applying sachets to carriers sheets and ran the production facility for 5 years

Flic Pack: designed a carton/leaflet composite, patented it in 14 countries, designed and built a machine to make the pack and licensed it to Field Packaging

In-a-Sleeve: designed a ready meal sleeve with leaflet attached and patented it in the UK, built a production machine and ran it supplying product distributed through Waitrose

Chrysalis carton: designed a carton/leaflet composite pack, patented it in 7 countries and licensed it to Burgopak

Machinery: built dozens of bespoke machines for production lines across several industries.


Get in touch to get a quote on our package deals, which might include:

– Site visit and assessment, technical report
– Site visit and assessment, technical report, technical drawings, sourcing recommendations

As a guide, consultancy fees as follows:

£60/hour (minimum charge 2 hours)
1 day rate: £400
½ day rate: £220
Travel costs: £0.45/mile

Prices do not include VAT

Payment Terms

30 days from invoice   

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