Friction Feeder UK is a division of Finishing Solutions International Ltd that specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of friction feeders.

All our feeders are bespoke and we can easily adapt them at the design stage to meet your exact requirements:
– Size
– Capability
– Mounting
– Function

We can also add ancillary equipment to our feeders:
– Drop Table
– Extended Offtake
– Ink Jet Printing
– In-feed Conveyor


The LoCo feeder has proven a popular choice with customers looking for a lower cost feeder with good performance.

– Easy servo motor
– Manual speed control
– Trigger sensor

– Digital counter
– Stand
– Extended out-feed

– Width
– Mounting
– Colour

We can supply the LoCo as a stand-alone or as part of a system.

LoCo +

The LoCo+ feeder offers more features than the standard model and comes with an easy to use touch screen control system

- Easy servo motor
- Encoder for speed tracking
- Manual speed control
- Batch count
- 1 or 2 cards
- Encoder scaling
- Trigger sensor

- Low level alarm
- Light stack
- Stand
- Extended out-feed
- Drop table
- In-feed conveyor

- Width
- Mounting
- Colour
- Program

We can supply the LoCo+ as a stand-alone or as part of a system

LoCo Buhrs +

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