If you have an automation problem, we can help to solve it! Either designing from scratch, using our standard units or a combination of both we can help you

Our areas of expertise include:
– Feeding
– Product transport
– Gluing
– Label Application
– Banding – paper or PP
– Product coding
– Product assembly

We can integrate our units into your existing line or build you a completely new one.

In the gallery you will see some of the machines we have built in the past.


Case Study

At the start of the recent lockdown, a local company wanted to manufacture face shields. We agreed to design and build a semi-automatic machine on site.

Within 5 days we had completed the first stage and the shields were being made and immediately shipped to the NHS.

The second stage involved automating one of the processes (cutting and placing the forehead pad from a reel of foam). This was completed within two weeks and the machine is still running.

Here is a video of the machine being tested at the end of stage 2:


In times like these, it can be difficult to move automation projects forward. We have therefore launched a comprehensive design and supply offer, whereby we will design your machine for you and then deliver it as a kit of parts with a build manual. Your team can then assemble it on site.

Of course one of the big advantages of working this way are the cost savings that can be achieved with the added satisfaction a 'DIY' project brings!
Alternatively of course we will build it for you as we have always done in the past
– Product Assembly
– Automation
– Labelling
– Banding
– Gluing & tape application

This allows you to 'buy in' to the design and will ensure your staff have a real understanding of how the machine works. We will help you CE or UKCA mark the machine as appropriate.

We also have range of ready made units you can add, such as feeders, banders and conveyors. We supply control boxes which are wired,  pre-programmed and ready to go. Our shop contains most of the parts you will need.



Step 1 - Specification
You send me a description of what you want to achieve. Try and include as much information as possible including:

– Process
– Materials
– Maximium size
– Minimum size
– Speed

If I need any further information, I'll send you a list of questions. If its not something I can tackle I'll let you know at this stage.

Step 2 - Scheme & Budget
As quickly as possible I will send you a schematic and an outline of the process. This service is free of charge so you won't get a lot of detail! I will also include a competitive initial quote with some options (eg. key parts or comprehensive kit).

Step 3 - Quotation
If you are happy and wish to proceed you can select the option you want quoting. I will then send you a more detailed quotation with payment terms and estimated delivery.

Step 4 - Order & Delivery
If you place an order I will then detail draw the machine and send you the parts you need and a build manual.

Step 5 - Getting it working
This is the fun part, I supply full support - remotely or on site. Any program changes can be done easily - I'll send you a programming cable and the program as part of step 4

Step 6 - CE Marking
If I supply you with a control box it will come fully EMC compliant. I can also help with the technical file and the safety assessment

Please email us at sales@finishingsolutions.org for more information or to make an enquiry.

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