Product Description

The PS80 paper straw machine is designed for making paper drinking straws that meet food grade production standards.
Spiral tubes are created via a process of glue feeding, winding and final cutting inline
The body is made from heavy-duty steel. It is stable and strong with low vibration
The paper stand is designed for high speeds with constant paper tension control
The glue stand features a glue temperature control and feeding amount control
The streamlined design features internal motors which make it easy for cleaning
Safety is integral to the design with a part-protected transformation, covered with 1.2mm thick stainless steel
It is a simple and stable production process which reduces downtime
High speed, 80M/Min paper feeding, up to 70M/Min tube production speed.

Technical Characteristics

Model: PS-80
Paper Layer: 3 layers
Inner Diameter: 4.5-12mm
Cutting system: 7 knives
Cutting length: 120-850mm
Capacity: Max 80m/min.
Glue system: Fully-automatic
Splicing: Semi-automatic
Air compressor: 0.6Mpa
Power: 5.5 KW
Weight: 2000 KG
Working space: 7000x5000mm

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