We can integrate a banding machine into your line quite easily and cost effectively

Bands can be 30mm paper or PP and machines are available with standard or jumbo reels

Typical uses include:
  • Greetings card collation
  • Carton sealing
  • Bank note collating
  • leaflet collating
  • General banding

Typical Machine Specification:

Model: WK02-30A
Material: OPP tape ,Paper tape( 100-120mu),150M
tape specification: width 29.2-29.6mm
Banding speed: 18-20pcs/minute
Banding size: Max 420 x 200mm, Min 30 x 10mm
Banding tension: 5-40N
Power: 120W
Machine size: 575 x 314 x 507mm
Machine weight: 32kg

1. PCB Touch screen control box
2. Step control
3. Heat sealing

4. Belt transport

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