We are now able to offer the Bench and Universal taping machines as stand alone units or integrated into your machine.
Tape Solutions also offer a wide range of taping machines for all sorts of applications

This machine was initially developed for the “Point of Sale” industry to apply tape to delicate parts without scratching the taped surfaces, however it can also be used to for many different shapes, sizes. The parts exit straight in to the customers box.

  • Tape width is from 4mm to 20mm without having to change any parts.
  • The UTM can tape both left and right handed parts by sliding the inlet guide to one side or the other.
  • The UTM can apply the tape by either “Spot” (minimum tape consumption) or “Strip” (maximum tape consumption), see page 2.
  • All edge to tape and tape to tape distances are variable, see page 2.
  • The UTM can operate from the rear spool for large batch production, spools can be brought in 3000m lengths.
  • The UTM can operate from the front using rolls of tape for small batch production.
  • The UTM can run up to a maximum of 45meters per minute.
  • Part count is shown on the touch screen.
  • Tape tension control is constant as the spool is used and can be set precisely for narrow or wide tapes thanks to Tape Solution’s air – controlled tensioning method.
  • An optional extended inlet table can be purchased for long products.
  • Only requires 240v and air connection.

Tape Start distance is programmable via the touch screen.

Tape Length is programmable via the touch screen.

Tape Gap is programmable via the touch screen.

Edge Gap is adjustable by unclamping (quick release) the tape head and moving it forward or aft on the guides.

All programme parameters can be stored on the machine.

Back up of programmes can be done via a USB port.

UTM dimensions 800(W)x1100(L)x1900(H)mm.

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